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What to Expect As a Functional Medicine Patient

If you’re seeking to trade prescriptions, which mask symptoms, to root-based solutions that promote healing and health, we invite you to become a functional medicine (FM) patient at Carr Chiropractic Clinic.

Meet Our FM Team

Our team includes Ashley Curnow, a registered dietitian, who specializes in functional medicine, Dr. Wayne Carr, a chiropractor and certified functional medicine provider, and Jayda Shillingstad, a highly trained phlebotomist, laboratory director, and patient care coordinator. In addition to the entire team at Carr Chiropractic.

Ashley at the counter with fruits

Health History & Testing

Your first appointment starts with a detailed health history. Our goal is to gather a complete medical history and gain a deep understanding of your current health concerns. Evaluations and precise testing for you ensure we are unveiling the stones that will create a path to your maximum wellness.

When appropriate, we’re equipped to implement a variety of specialty testing, which are kits that we often provide to our patients that they collect in their own home. These include blood, stool, urine, and saliva samples that patients will be more comfortable doing at home, and then sending the specimen away to a lab.


We use nutraceuticals for our treatment protocols, and we stock a vast majority of those in our clinics. Not only do we have a physical store in our clinic, but also online on our website that patients have direct access to.

Customized Treatment Plans

When it comes to functional medicine, it’s always individualized and percise, never a cookie-cutter approach. That’s because every patient is different, and every patient deserves a different treatment plan. Our plans always address the foundation or the five pillars that make up our overall health and well-being: nutrition, sleep, exercise, relationships, and stress.

Frequency of Visits

Based on how you are progressing and what type of assistance you need, the frequency of visits might decrease from weekly to every two weeks to then once a month. Usually patients can notice improvements within the first couple weeks. But we do remind patients to anticipate it will take time, and try to give things at least a three month time frame before we rule something out as not helping.

To maintain your health, we might meet with you once or twice a year to redo lab work and ensure we are maintaining the optimal health you have worked hard to create. .

Take that first step toward recovering your health. Call today to book an appointment.

In-Person & Telehealth Appointments

While our functional medicine department operates within our Huron location, we are equipped to work with people face to face and via telehealth. We have many patients from different locations, and we work with anybody all across the United States.


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