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Shockwave Therapy at Carr Chiropractic Clinic

shockwave wand on legWith shockwave therapy, we can offer our patients another effective way to get out of pain and on the healing path. This non-invasive treatment uses acoustic waves to stimulate healing in damaged tissues.

Shockwave therapy can effectively target areas of chronic pain or injury to muscles, tendons, and joints. The waves produced during the treatment increase blood flow, promote tissue regeneration, and break down scar tissue, leading to pain relief and improved mobility.


Who Can Benefit?

People across the spectrum, including athletes, seniors, and those struggling with chronic musculoskeletal conditions like arthritis, could benefit from shockwave therapy. Athletes often use it for sports injuries to speed up recovery and enhance performance.

Additionally, the modality can help seniors with degenerative joint conditions experience pain relief and improved mobility. This treatment is also ideal for patients with chronic conditions who haven’t responded well to other treatments.

Conditions That Can Be Addressed

Shockwave therapy can effectively address conditions such as

  • Chronic back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Tendonitis
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Tennis elbow

Elbow in pain

A Complement to Traditional Chiropractic Treatments

We decided to offer shockwave therapy at Carr Chiropractic Clinic as it complements chiropractic care by providing an additional way for our doctors to manage patients’ pain and promote tissue healing. While chiropractic adjustments help correct spinal misalignments and improve joint mobility, shockwave therapy targets soft tissue injuries, enhancing overall treatment outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this therapy a suitable option for all chiropractic patients?

While shockwave therapy is generally safe and effective, it may not suit everyone. Patients who have certain medical conditions or pregnant women need to check with their chiropractor to determine if shockwave therapy is appropriate for them.

Are there any potential side effects or risks to be aware of?

Potential side effects of shockwave therapy may include temporary soreness, bruising, or swelling at the treatment site. Rarely, there may be more serious complications such as nerve damage or skin injury. When the therapy is given by a qualified practitioner such as one of our chiropractors, the risks are minimal.

How many sessions might be needed for noticeable results?

A typical session lasts about 5-15 minutes. As every patient is different, the number of sessions needed varies. It depends on the severity of the condition and individual patient response. Generally, patients may require 3-6 sessions based on their treatment plan.

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We invite you to experience the incredible healing benefits of shockwave therapy. Contact Carr Chiropractic Clinic today to book an appointment!


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